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Reporting dashboards are here!

We’re excited to announce that our Reporting Dashboard tool has officially launched!

The new Reporting Dashboard can help you and your team visually track, display, and customize dashboards to include metrics and data that are important for monitoring the growth and success of your business.

Here are some of the features that are available on our Reporting Dashboard:

  • Ability to create multiple dashboards to monitor different areas or departments of your business so you can stay on track with your business goals. You will also have the ability to save your favourite dashboards so you can easily access them on your TIEIT account.

  • Customize data based on the metrics or factors that are important for the growth of your business. These can include the ability to compare a previous period to the current period, specifying date ranges, specifying the sources of your metrics and much more!

  • Modify designs to make it easier for you to manage and view your data. You’ll have the ability to modify the placement of data on your dashboard, customize sizes of reports, modify the colour of your dashboards, add symbols and more.

To learn more about how the Reporting Dashboard tool can help your business become more efficient or if you would like to explore TIEIT’s other business tools, book a free demo with us today to learn more!

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Something new is coming…

We’re excited to announce the upcoming release of our new Reporting Dashboard!

Our new Reporting Dashboard can help you and your team visually track, display, and customize dashboards to include key performance indicators (KPIs) that are important for monitoring the growth and success of your business. You will be able to create multiple dashboards and track the progress of different areas of your business all on one screen!

Dashboards can be a great way to help you:

  • Stay on track with your business goals by customizing the data and metrics you need to track success.
  • Monitor the health of your company by tracking the progress of different departments or teams of your business.
  • Make better informed decisions by being able to visually see real-time data and metrics available on your TIEIT account on one dashboard.

Stay tuned for more updates!

To discover how TIEIT’s tools can help your business become more efficient, book a free TIEIT demo with us to learn more.

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TIEIT Selected As a Recipient for ventureLAB & York Region’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fund

We are excited to announce that TIEIT has been selected as one of the recipients for the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fund from ventureLAB and York Region!

We are looking forward to launching a TIEIT for Startups program that will help support our fellow entrepreneurs and businesses that may be facing challenges such as limited resources or funds within the York Region community and Canada. This program can help these businesses grow and become more efficient through a series of events and access to TIEIT’s business tools.

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fund (EIF) was presented to seven companies and organizations in York Region that demonstrated innovative solutions or services that support business continuity and recovery efforts.

Learn more about the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fund by visiting http://tieit.li/tetpg3.

New Features: Landing Page Builder

We’re excited to announce TIEIT’s updated landing page builder!

We’ve made it even easier for our TIEIT users to create  professional-looking landing pages. Users can create landing pages without any IT or graphic design experience – you can simply drag and drop landing page elements or use one of the premade templates on the landing page builder tool.

Here are some new features that we’ve added to TIEIT’s landing page builder.

New Widgets

You can now use widgets to add videos, maps, navigation bars, forms and more!

Built-In Blocks 

You can now easily drag and drop elements to customize your landing page.

Editing Toolbar & The Style Manager

You’ll now be able to quickly format your text by being able to edit text formats, text colours, create bulleted list and more.

Landing Page Previews

You can now preview what your landing page will look like on a mobile device, tablet and desktop.

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What Are The Best Days And Times To Send Emails?

What Are The Best Days And Times To Send Emails?

This is often a question we get asked by many of our customers.

It’s a great question! Sending emails at the right time can help increase your email open rates.

While there is no specific day or time that will work for every business, there are some best practices you can follow and strategies you could implement to help determine the best time for your business.

One way to determine what day would be best to send emails to your audience is to think about their daily routines, behaviours and locations. Are you customers located within the same time zone as you? Are they more likely to check their emails during business hours?

Here’s our feedback for each day of the week.

  • Monday – Generally, marketers agree that Monday is not an ideal time to send promotional emails. Since this day is right after the weekend, many individuals may be spending this time catching up on important business-related emails and may miss or delete the emails you send them.
  • Mid-Week – Many studies have shown that sending emails on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the most effective.
  • Friday – Sending emails on Fridays, especially in the afternoon, may not be effective since individuals may be preparing for the weekend and may overlook your email.
  • Weekends – Sending emails during the weekend is generally avoided as well. This is due to the fact that many people tend to spend the weekend completing errands or they are spending this time with their family or friends.

Based on various studies and our experience, when it comes to the best hours to send emails, sending emails during business hours tend to be the most effective. However, sending emails in the evening and before may work as well as individuals may be checking emails before work or before they go to bed.

What strategies can I follow to determine the best days and times to send emails?

To determine the best days and times to send emails for your business, you will first need to analyze your current email analytics or test sending out emails at various days and times to gather this information.

On TIEIT, you can easily schedule the dates and times you wish to send emails to your email list. After the emails have been deployed, you will have access to a number of real-time metrics that can help you determine what hours or days work best based on the engagement on your email. Metrics such as email opens, clicks and peak hours for email opens are some of the metrics available to you so you can determine what days and times work best for your audience.


Timing is very important when it comes to sending out emails. It is important to keep your audience’s habits in mind and to always keep testing to determine the best time to send emails to your customers or leads. By doing so, it can help improve your email open rates and engagement with your audience.

Why You Should Use Marketing Automation for Your Business

With more businesses and consumers shifting online, it’s no surprise that many businesses are taking advantage of digital capabilities like marketing automation. In fact, 75% of businesses use automation for their business due to its benefits. (Social Media Today “State of Marketing Automation”, 2019)

Explore why you should consider taking advantage of marketing automation below.

What can you automate? 

With marketing automation software such as TIEIT, you can automate a number of activities that can help you nurture leads, engage with customers and further promote your brand using TIEIT tools such as:

  • Email marketing to schedule and create customized email campaigns
  • Social media marketing to manage and schedule posts for all your social media accounts
  • Web forms and surveys that you can customize so you can better understand your audience
  • Scheduling to make it easier for your leads or customers to book meetings with you online
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) to help you gain a better understanding of your leads and customers by viewing items such as last touch points and past communication
  • The landing page builder to help you convert more leads into customers
  • Transactions to help you send estimates and invoices online

Many of these tools can also be used to create custom workflows using TIEIT’s automation tool. With the automation tool, you can personalize your engagement with your leads and customers.

For example, you can set an initial trigger for an automation such as an email sent to your leads list and depending on the recipient behaviour with that email, you can schedule the next actions of the automation to take place. These actions could include sending another marketing email promoting your services or products one week after to those who did not engage with the email by filling out a web form or you can send an instant reminder to yourself to follow-up with leads once they have filled out this form.

By creating these workflows, you can ensure that no opportunities are missed as all the leads on your list are contacted. You will also save time by not having to manually keep track of the actions that take place — everything will be automated for you using the platform.

Final Thoughts

Marketing automation can be a great tool to help you promote and grow your business, save time and improve productivity using the right tools.

To learn more about marketing automation, check out some of our past blog posts below.

TIEIT Founder Part of Program That Helps Women Entrepreneurs Overcome Business Challenges

Our Co-Founder & Head of Growth, Jessica Rawlley, shared her experiences being a mentor for the Entrepreneurial Leadership & Learning Alliance (ELLA) program during a FedDev Ontario announcement last week.

The Honourable Mary Ng, Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade announced an additional investment – delivered through FedDev Ontario, the Regional Development Agency for Southern Ontario – for the Entrepreneurial Leadership and Learning Alliance (ELLA) program.

ELLA is a community and an accelerator for women, by women that is led by York University . Their mission is to reduce the gap of gender inequality in entrepreneurship. They help women-led businesses overcome challenges starting or scaling a business.

To watch the announcement, click the button below.

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5 Ways TIEIT Can Help Your Business In The Current Environment

These past few months have taught many of us the importance of flexibility and resilience. As businesses reopen, we will need to continue to pivot to be able to operate our businesses efficiently and stay connected with our customers.

Here are five ways TIEIT’s tools can help your business adapt and grow in the current environment:

1) Ability to easily manage your online social media presence.

Having a strong online presence is now more important than ever. Social media can be a great tool to promote your business and engage with your customers.

With TIEIT’s social media module, we’ve made it easy for you to be able to manage your social media and avoid the need to use additional resources. You can organize, schedule your posts in advance and easily view the content you are posting for multiple social media accounts. You can manage and schedule your personal and company’s social media posts in one platform.

2) Ability to stay connected with your customers virtually.

Due to the pandemic, customers may avoid going to your store or your office in-person. This may make it more difficult for you to stay connected with your customers if you previously relied on in-person interactions.

TIEIT’s email marketing tool helps you stay connected with your customers and gives you the ability to reach out to your leads. You will be able to easily create your own professional looking emails using our templates, schedule your emails and view metrics that can help you improve your email marketing strategy.

You can also stay connected with your customers virtually using TIEIT’s VoIP integration. You can make calls from your business line from the convenience of your own home, host online meetings and record your meetings.

3) Ability to collaborate with your team and service your customers better online with the CRM tool.

Some of us may have found it easier to communicate with team members in-person. However, due to the pandemic and social distancing, some organizations may choose to continue to have their team work remotely for the next few months or longer.

With TIEIT’s CRM tool, you will be able to collaborate better with your team. You can share client notes on their file, view customers’ last touchpoints, view client communications from team members and more.

4) Ability to easily book appointments online with your customers or leads with the scheduling tool.

With TIEIT’s scheduling tool, you can create multiple calendars with shareable links so your customers or leads can easily book meetings with you. You will save time by avoiding back-and-forth emails to schedule appointments.

You will also be able to customize your calendar to include specific availability, blackout dates or times you are away and automate reminders to anyone that has scheduled a meeting with you through the scheduling tool.

5) Ability to save time by automating mundane tasks and marketing activities.

TIEIT gives you the ability to automate repetitive tasks so you can focus on what matters the most to grow your business.

With TIEIT’s automation tool, you can implement different actions to take place based on your customers’ behaviours. For example, you can use this tool to automate your email marketing activities by scheduling specific emails to send out if a lead opens an email, fills out a form or is added to a specific list. You can also automate your billing, scheduling and more.

With TIEIT, you will be able to provide better service to your customers, have the ability to reach a wider audience, save time and operate your business more efficiently.

To learn more, contact us today for more information or to schedule a free demo.

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What is Marketing Automation?

You are hearing these words be spoken and written about everywhere you go, everywhere you click and every page you browse.

You hear other businesses are implementing it and seeing great results.

You find yourself nodding and smiling or listening intently to pick up on any catch phrase that will help you understand this growing phenomenon that is called “Marketing Automation.”

The question that everyone is asking these days is “what is marketing automation?” Here is our definition of marketing automation:

Marketing Automation is the use of a software to automate your marketing strategies such as managing and segmenting leads from sources, email campaigns, following up with leads/customers and customer retention (to name a few).

Many businesses have made it a part of their marketing to automate repetitive tasks such as emails, social media marketing, follow-ups and more in order to avoid time spent on tedious tasks that can be automated.

With marketing automation, you save time, make processes more efficient and streamline operations to give you more time to focus on selling and driving in more leads and customers.

The key to utilizing the technology of marketing automation is finding the right software that fits your needs. A core component of a good marketing automation software is that a business can execute their marketing from one platform, instead of trying to manage from multiple applications.



What is Your Marketing Process?

As a business is growing, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain that one-on-one relationship with each and every customer that has called, stepped into your store or made a purchase from you.

Marketing automation is helping you maintain that relationship without you spending more time or forgetting to do. Every lead is valuable to a business. You spent all that time, money and energy into driving that lead in and converting them into a customer, but now what are you doing to ensure they continue being your customer?

Have you implemented a proper follow-up or customer retention process?

Lets say you sold your customer the Widget 2001 and a year later, you want to follow up with them to see if they are now interested in upgrading to the Widget 3001 – how will you be able to pull up every customers purchase date and send an email on every customers one year purchase anniversary?

This is where marketing automation comes in.

Marketing automation is made up of many different components that when combined make for one very powerful marketing machine. Marketing automation connects multiple marketing channels including email marketing, social media and landing pages.

The main goal of marketing automation is to track and nurture leads for the long-term.

Every lead that comes in should not be seen as a short-term conquest to convert that lead to a customer. Every lead should be nurtured a relationship should be built for the long-haul.

Lets think about it, you sold that amazing widget to customer A – great work! Customer A goes out for dinner with potential Leads B, C and D and they start talking about widgets that they have used. With Marketing Automation, even after you sold that widget to Customer A, you still keep in touch, send tips on how to use the widget properly, coupons, referral codes and other helpful tips.

Now while at dinner, Customer A will surely mention the amazing widget that they got from you and the great customer service. Now let’s look at this another way. Customer A goes out for dinner with potential Leads B, C and D and they start talking about widgets. Customer A says that they have a widget but aren’t sure how to use it properly and to be honest, they don’t quite remember the name of the place that they got it from.

Without you giving your customers a reason to remember you, why would they? You need to make it part of your marketing to stay top of mind with all of your customers, contacts and leads (especially those who haven’t bought that widget from you yet).

Marketing Automation Does Not Mean Robots are Taking Over Your Business

Marketing automation can still allow your business to offer the “personal touch” service. How you asked?

Let me tell you.

Marketing automation allows you to send personalized, targeted messages and emails to your customers. During the automation process, you can integrate personalization techniques so every message sent will be personalized for each and every customer (for example, “Hi Jessica” or “Jessica, this offer is just for you!”).

With marketing automation, you will be able to send targeted messages based on a customers purchase behavior, significant dates like birthdays, a leads interests and more.

Customer Life CycleWhat is Your Customers Sales Life Cycle?

Every business has a different type of customer life cycle or sales pipeline. For example, a customer may have found your business through search, social media or through your blog.

The path to convert that website lead into a customer is unique for every business.

So what if you could define that path and set up automated processes to ensure that lead is moving along the right path and not stuck in that pesky fork in the road?

Lets face it, every business owner or manager gets busy, forgets to do their phone calls for the day or send out that follow-up email. It gets very difficult to manually chase down every single lead.

But what if there was a system that did all of this for you? (This is where I imagine a bright light shining down from the skies with the lovely sound of “aahhhhh” – come to the light, you know you want to).

Take a Different Approach to your Marketing

Marketing automation will help you think differently about your sales process and about your leads.

With marketing automation, you will be able to segment and categorize your leads and customers based on purchase behaviours, demographic details, source and more.

You are probably thinking, why is this important?

It is important because these days you can’t send out the same email to every single lead that you have had stored for the past 3 years.

Customer Appreciation EmailYou need to target your marketing and your messages for your leads. For example, send out an email offer for 10% off your first purchase to all of those leads that came through the website but never did make a purchase. And at the same time, send out a customer appreciation day email to all of your customers that have made a purchase in the past, offering them 10% off their next purchase.

See how I did that?

I created two separate emails with the same offer, but I changed the wordings to target each group. A new customer will take advantage of the 10% off their first purchase and for your existing customers, who doesn’t like a day to appreciate them?

Marketing automation lets you get creative.

Before, when you thought about being creative with your marketing, you saw dollar signs because you thought the only way to be creative is by spending a lot on tv commercials, print ads and mail outs. Well not anymore.

Now you can be creative with your marketing to your customers and test out different variables to see which works best for your business and your customers.

You can automatically test different variables like email send times, subject headings, body content, different offers and more.

Marketing automation is all about the software and finding the right application for your business.

Your goal as a business is to use this software to grow your potential leads, build your email list and increase the customer retention rate.

How do you know which software will do all of this for your business?

How will you know which marketing automation is right for your business?

There are many different types of marketing automation software out there. Check out our article on Selecting the Right Marketing Automation Software for Your Business.

Hope I was able to shine some light on the topic of Marketing Automation so you can see the potential it has for your business.

Regardless of the industry, size of your business, number of employees – every business needs leads, customers and sales.

And nowadays, that sign on your door or that flyer you send out every 6 months is just not going to help you stay competitive or help you keep the lights on.
Take a hold of your business, get creative and drive in your own leads and retain your customers for the long haul.

How Can I Automate my Marketing?

Marketing automation is best done through the use of software. Marketing automation methods and tactics help to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows, that helps convert prospects to customers and turn customers into delighted and returning customers. This in turn can help to increase operational efficiency and grow revenue.

Some of these practices are possible at small volumes without software, but technology becomes essential with any scale and with the increasing number of channels that are required to manage in order to market your business effectively.

There are many different methods of Marketing Automation and one common mistake that businesses make is signing up for all different types of software that may do one or two aspects of marketing automation.

The problem with this method is that all of your methods and strategy is not inter-connected which could lead to an inefficient marketing strategy for your business. You may end up doing twice as much work when it’s not needed.

If you are using multiple different marketing automation software, the data you receive is not connected and is not proper since the data is being measured on different levels and in different ways.

The beauty about online marketing is the ability for your actions to be tracked resulting in real data. Without this data, you may end up doing the same type of marketing, expecting different results each time.

The best way to avoid this is by finding a software that can do everything your business needs from, lead management, email marketing, lead generation, landing pages, workflows and more.

Though there are many pieces that must be put in place to establish a successful marketing automation strategy, like any other campaign, you will want to start with a well-defined strategy, where you determine your target audiences, establish goal values, and create convincing content assets and offers. But in this blog post, let us focus on the more technical benefits of marketing automation and what you can implement to make your marketing easier.

Here are some marketing automation methods that you can implement for your business.

Staying top of mind with cold prospects.

You worked so hard to get that lead in and reach out to them, most likely on more than one occasion. So it would be a shame to just let that lead go without a fight. And if you had a way to automate that fight, would you do it?

With Marketing Automation, you can set automatic follow-ups to be sent out to these cold prospects based on factors such as their interest level, behaviour or time. So for example, if a prospect was really interested in a product that you had to offer but the timing was off because they didn’t have the budget for it at that time, wouldn’t it be worth it to keep your business top of mind with that prospect, just in case that time came when that prospect had the budget and was still interested in the product you had to offer?

You would be able to add that prospect to a group that will receive timed emails about that specific product or similar products just to keep enticing that prospect to buy it. In fact, maybe this will motivate them to work harder or save more so they can afford to buy it from you.

Moving current leads along the sales pipeline.

Managing multiple leads at once can get a little hectic – especially if you are the one having to handle all the leads by yourself. There are automations that you can put in place in order to help with moving that lead farther down the sales pipeline instead of manually having to do it for every single lead that comes in.  

Businesses have all different types of sales pipelines and cycles that they go through. Some pipelines could include 3, 5, or even 10 different stages with multiple activities that take place within each stage. If you had a way to automatically move that lead along the pipeline without having to manually remember which stage they are in or what activity you have to do next for them – wouldn’t that make your life and your sales process a whole lot easier?

Well believe it or not, there are software that exists with a built-in sales process feature that is customizable and has built in automations.  TieiT for example, has this feature built in that is helping our users  to help streamline their day and sales process.

Staying engaged with past customers.

Converting a lead to a customer is a great feeling and amazing accomplishment for you and your business. A past customer should be considered just as valuable if not more valuable than a lead. You took a lot of time to convert that lead into a customer, so don’t let all that effort go to waste.

Use marketing automation to consistently stay in touch and engaged with past customers to see if you can bring any more value to them.

By you adding past customers to a drip marketing campaign or into a group that will receive consistent emails about your business, new products/services, achievements, deals/coupons, you are keeping your business top of mind and making your customer feel special so if they are in need of your products/services again in the future, they will remember you. Plus, they may not be shy in referring their friends and family to you too.

Show your customers that you care.

Using marketing automation, you can also create workflows to send out automated, yet personal emails to everyone on your CRM on their birthdays (or at least to whoever you have collected this information from in your CRM). The key component though is to have your marketing automation and CRM connected in some way to achieve this (for more information on why its best to have your marketing automation and CRM connected, click here.

By sending out a simple birthday email to your customers or leads, this shows an extra initiative by your business and shows that you care.

You can also create other types of workflows like this based on purchase dates. So you can send an automated follow up after a certain amount of time to a customer based on the date of their purchase.

These types of automations helps take your customer service to a whole new level without having to hire new staff to remember to send these types of emails out.

There are many different types of automations that your business can put in place to help your business on many levels. Marketing automation can help streamline operations, increase customer engagement  and improve customer service. If you are considering marketing automation, make sure you research the different software available to you. For tips on selecting the right marketing automation software for your business, click here

5 Ways TIEIT Helps Your Business Use Email Marketing More Efficiently

It is an undeniable fact that email marketing is a great marketing strategy for any business, in any industry. Email marketing has a fantastic ROI and is a great way to re-engage and build a relationship with contacts and leads.

There are a lot of CRMs that claim they have an integrated email marketing module but when conducting your research, make sure you double check if this is a true integration with their own email marketing platform or if this is just a 3rd party integration with another system. The problem with 3rd party integrations is that it is not always a seamless integration so data is not always being consolidated for each contact. Without knowing how your contacts are interacting with your emails, you are just blindly sending emails every month with no true results to see the value of the time and effort you are putting in.

TieiT was built off of client feedback and one of the main feedback we received during the development phase is that we need to make it easy to use and it should be intuitive. In order to achieve these goals, we knew we had to make a truly integrated platform where all modules are built in the system and not utilizing 3rd party systems or APIs.  That is why TieiT’s modules are all proprietary (except of course for our integration with Google Analytics). By utilizing our technical expertise to create our own sales and marketing automation modules, we are able to listen to our users and move at a quicker rate to continually improve and add more features based on our client feedback.

This article outlines the top 5 ways how TieiT makes it easier for businesses to utilize email marketing and how we have made it more efficient to see better results, streamline your email marketing efforts and most importantly, save you time!

1. True Integration with the CRM

TieiT’s proprietary email marketing module is built-in and directly connected to your CRM. This means that you don’t have to keep exporting your contacts from your CRM and importing them into your stand-alone email marketing module.

The time savings alone of not having to export and import contacts in and out of different stand-alone systems is worth it.

Prior to signing up for TieiT, many of our current users used to sign up for a stand-alone CRM and a separate email marketing application, mainly because of the cost they thought they were saving. But if you are trying to operate a small to mid-sized business with minimal staff, you know your time is worth a lot. Spending time each month to transfer your contacts from one system to another adds up.

With TieiT, we’ve made it easier for you to add contacts directly to Subscriber Lists both manually and using the built-in marketing automation modules so contacts can automatically get added or removed from Subscriber Lists based on specific actions or behavior.

2. Ability to Send to Multiple Lists at Once

Our TieiT development team is always seeking user feedback to make TieiT even better for our users. We heard our users feedback when they requested that they wanted the ability to send an email campaign to more than one subscriber list at a time, so we added the feature in!

TieiT’s built-in email marketing module allows our users to send an email campaign to more than one subscriber list at a time, instead of having to send separately to each subscriber list – again, saving our users time!

Allowing users to send to more than one subscriber list at once helps our users be more efficient with their email campaigns and email marketing. Lets say you wrote an amazing email and want to share it with everyone on your list or two segmented target markets that you think it might appeal to. Well now you can do that and track the results with our built-in email marketing reports.

3. Email Marketing Reports

For every email campaign that is sent out of TieiT, you will receive a report that tracks how many people opened it, how many clicked on a link, where and when the recipient opened the email and the bounce rate of those who did not receive the email.

This tracking will allow you to improve your results. By reviewing these reports after each campaign is sent, you can start to gain an understanding of what is working and what isn’t when it comes to your contacts and how they are interacting with your emails.

Email Reporting in TieiT

If you see a lower number of people opened the email, that could mean your subject line was not enticing enough. If you see that not many people clicked on the button that was in your email, that could mean that either your call-to-action was not good or your offering should be improved.

You can see which subscribers are engaging with your campaigns, what type of content they like, the time of day that you receive the most opens and use this data to improve future campaigns and drive even better results for your business.

4. Easy Tracking

All email campaigns that you send out will also be shown in each respective contact’s timeline for better tracking of the contacts behavior.

Since the email marketing and CRM are connected in TieiT, you will be able to leverage this consolidated data to take actionable steps with your contacts.

Email Tracking in TieiT

Let’s say its time to follow up with a contact and you are looking back at the contact’s timeline to review the history you have had with him/her. You will be able to see how engaged the contact has been with the email campaigns that you have sent out. So if you see that the contact has opened or clicked on a particular email, you can now leverage this data and use it in your follow-up.

5. Mobile Compatible Email Templates

We know that time is precious so to help our users, we provide you with multiple email templates that you can easily edit. All of our email templates are built in HTML and are mobile compatible to ensure the emails are viewable on all mobile devices. This way you don’t have to worry about creating mobile compatible emails since we provide our users with responsive templates that they are able to edit, customize and brand for their business.

Mobile Compatible Email Templates in TieiT

When developing TieiT, we knew that we wanted to create our own proprietary email marketing module to give us more flexibility and control over the features that we wanted to add. And this decision has proven to be the right one, because our users are reaping the benefits of our built-in email marketing module in TieiT since it truly is an integrated module and not a 3rd party system that is using an API to connect to your CRM.

TieiT’s email marketing module is also assisting our users by taking the tedious tasks off their plates like automatically tracking unsubscribes, removing them from subscriber lists and eliminating duplicate entries.

With TieiT’s email marketing module being a true integration with our CRM, we are able to give our users more actionable data to drive in better results for their business.

Click here to sign up for a no-obligation, live demo of TieiT!